Try, Learn, Grow - guest blog post by Karen Desjadon

October 25, 2018 18:28 | Anonymous member
Opportunities to share the work you have done abound.  Have you seen them? I am so excited by all of the conferences looking for our proposals.  Yes, our proposals.  If you have never presented, don’t doubt yourself.   We all improve our practice and develop stronger relationships by giving back and sharing with the larger school community.

For some of us, the idea of presenting to peers is daunting.    The first time a close co-worker asked me to present my internal immediately dialogue took over. Who wants to hear from me?  What have I really done? I can’t do that! What will they think?    If you are uneasy, which we all are the first time we do anything, the best way to gain confidence and start developing your professional presentation is to find a co-presenter.

Working with a co-presenter is empowers each team member.  Over the past few years, I have encouraged classroom teachers to present.  Throughout the school year I collaborate with teachers or administrators on projects that enhance student learning.  As we reflect on and process our challenges and successes, trends emerge and we begin to consider the possibilities. The process allows us to give one another moral support as well as the confidence to present.  Best of all, we consider the possibilities for our future projects. As you work further with this co-presenter, it becomes evident that real growth is fueled by the challenge of presenting at conferences. Your co-presenter will have a free day of trying something new, learning, and growing professionally.  It opens their eyes to all the amazing things in their classrooms and the opportunities that are possible as they learn from others.

For me,  presenting  fulfills my greatest passions: developing meaningful connections and reflecting upon my learning and extending my learning so that I can grow with my coworkers.

The NHSLMA proposal deadline might be just around the corner but don’t let that deter you.  A proposal is a rough outline of what you plan to deliver. This fall and winter make the time to delve deeper into your relationships and learning and celebrate your successes.  

Karen Desjadon

Londonderry High School

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